Kerry Tucker Learns to Live – ARC Book Review

Title:- Kerry Tucker Learns To Live

Author:- Louise Voss

Date published:- will be published October 6th 2022

No. of pages:- 303 pages

Publisher:- Bookouture

Genre:- Literary


Plot:- 3/5

Writing:- 3/5

Overall rating:- 3/5

Sometimes you have to reach the end of the road before you can start over.

Kerry is perfectly happy with her life. She gets up at the same time every day to deliver post in the winding lanes and little villages around where she lives, stopping for a chat at some of the houses along the way. Once a month she has Sunday lunch with her sister Beth’s perfect family, to eat roast chicken while Beth tells her why she should want more out of life.

Beth thinks Kerry is kidding herself. She thinks Kerry needs to move out of the horrible little apartment converted from the garage in their parents’ garden, find a better job, and maybe even meet a man. And now their parents’ house is up for sale, Beth is going to make sure Kerry gets a life… whether Kerry likes it or not.

Kerry knows something Beth doesn’t, though. She knows the happiest of marriages can hide dark secrets, and that even the people you love most in the world can betray you. She’s known that since she was seventeen years old, when she learned her father’s secret.

It’s far safer not to get close to people…

Isn’t it?

I am actually having mixed feelings about the book.

Kerry is a forty something year old woman and is a post woman. She seemed to be living a happy life, having special once a month Sunday lunches with her sister Beth. Beth wants Kerry to move out of her apartment and try to live on her own. But Kerry has known a secret about her father since she was seventeen years old.

The writing was good but the story didn’t really get into me. As you read the story on, you believe that Kerry was a loner and depressed young woman.. The story shifts between 1993 and the present day and I like the fact that the story was set during the pandemic time, which makes it more special to the reader. Overall this story worth 2.5 stars.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

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