The Choice – ARC Book Review

Title:- The Choice

Author:- P.D. Viner

Date published:- will be published on 18th October 2022

Publisher:- Hera

No. of pages:- 336 pages

Genre:- Psychological Thriller


Plot:- 3/5

Writing:- 3/5

Overall rating:- 3/5

To save your life
You must kill the one you love
Can you do it?

Sarah is madly in love with boyfriend Theo, and can’t wait to go on their first weekend away.

But by the end of the first night, Theo is dead. And Sarah has killed him. But she swears she had no choice.

She was forced to kill Theo because of something that happened a lifetime ago … something buried in her past.

Now, Sarah has one week to find the truth of what happened back then and prove her innocence, before she’s turned over to the police.

She’s spent years running from the truth – but now the choices of her past might destroy her future.

A fast-paced, addictive thriller that fans of Gillian McAllister and Linwood Barclay won’t be able to put down.

This thriller is actually a very interesting thriller and is also an action packed thriller.

The story starts with Sarah stabbing a man named Theo and then running away from the police. But there was a main reason why Sarah must have stabbed Theo. Almost fifteen years ago, Sarah who was earlier known as Rebecca was married to Drew, a petty thief and he owed to the Vincent brothers. Vincent brothers would have hired Theo to fall in love with Sarah. Now Sarah is running away from the Vincent brothers in order to save herself and from the police, as the police do not believe her story.

This was in my opinion an OK, thriller. Though the first part was slightly boring, it got a little bit more interesting towards the end. This whole book feel like you are watching some sort of an action movie with Sarah, the main character running away from the gang group so as a result, some of the things that are happening in the book felt unbelievable. Sarah to me felt like an unrealistic character. There weren’t many twists and turns that you would normally expect in a psychological thriller and not very fast paced–it was a slow burn thriller. The writing to me was OK but the author in my opinion did a great job writing a female protagonist. Overall, this is an OK thriller worth three stars..

Many thanks to Netgalley and Hera publishers for the ARC. The review is based on my opinion only

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